To Daddy

Hey, I wanted to tell you, I am happy you’re home today.

I have been kind of sad a lot since you went away.

Me and Mama had to learn to make it on our own.

But Mama said if we have Jesus we are never alone.


Mama said it’s been fifteen months since you went to Mexico.

I don’t know how long fifteen is really, long is all I know.

Remember when you left my favorite color was lello?

Now that I am a big boy, my favorite color is yellow.


Guess what Daddy?  I wear big boy britches now!

If you want to put them on, I will show you how.

Big people tell me I seem to get bigger all the time.

Mama says she loves me little, but I think big is gonna be just fine.


Remember when I got to come see you and we drove a long way?

I got to meet my Mexican grandma. I hope to get to see her again someday.

After we left you, I was so tired I didn’t know what to do.

I cried and so did Mama, I heard her say heart felt like it was breaking into.


I didn’t know hearts really broke like Mama said on the phone to someone.

I just knew my tummy hurt, I felt sad, and didn’t understand this none.

I wanted to tell you to come and sit on the floor and play with my toys.

I wanted to hear you say how much you loved your little boy.


Some days were sad. Some days were fun.

At daycare, me and Michaela would play and run.

She had to move, I miss her kind of like I did you.

The day she moved I think maybe my heart did break into.


Oh yes, there is one more thing I have learned to do.

I can kick a ball with a special shoe.

The game is called soccer. There is this net.

I haven’t figured it all out yet.


Well, Daddy, I guess that’s about all I have to say.

If you ever need something really bad, you just gotta pray.

Me and Mama asked Jesus to let you come home.

He did. You’re here.  Now we’re not alone.


Love your son,