Love Language


June eleventh is a day that will be celebrated by a special couple year after year

For this is the day that hand in hand they begin life together without any fear.

Yes, two, Christian and Jaime, will become one on this beautiful summer day.

Me and my will become you and our, as their love is declared for always.

It was on a beautiful day in June about five years ago,

When Christian first saw Jaime, the man who she will always love so.

Jaime was in the right place at the right time that’s for sure,

For Christian came and started talking to him from next door.

The exact words exchanged by these two doesn’t really matter,

For the earth moved beneath their feet during the idle chatter.

Whatever the words meant they knew this was meant to be,

For they found a love so strong and true that all could see -

Language is not a barrier when love speaks loud and clear,

For today Christian and Jaime begin a life together without any fear.







What a Catch!



In Oxford, Mississippi - a few years ago now it has been,


A new romance was planted, blossomed, grew, and began.


At an FCA camp, Chris and Marlee met and decided to date.


There these two Christian athletes each found their soul mate.




This romance made in Mississippi on an autumn day,


Began with brownie tasting, followed by watching the Ole Miss Rebels play.


The two whose paths first crossed in the great Magnolia State,


Were brought together by a little luck, and a lot of fate.




Chris, a Mississippi boy who loves to hunt and fish,


And Marlee, a Pennsylvania girl who can cook up any dish,


Traveled many roads that brought them to that monumental time,


When each found that which completed their life's reason and rhyme.




Chris spent a lot of time catching baseballs thrown from everywhere.


Marlee threw a lot of javelins very fast and very far.


A catcher and a thrower, what a perfect match,


Chris for Marlee, Marlee for Chris - what a catch.




Today these two lives will be joined together in Tennessee.


As Chris and Marlee declare their love for each other all will see,


That this romance born in Mississippi is all grown up today,


As Chris and Marlee become one on this their wedding day.




Beside You on the Sand


Our wedding day will long be remembered in each of our minds.

Perhaps we will remember the small details less and less over time.

So today I would like to write just a few words with indelible ink.

To record these memories on which we can both look back and think.

The air was warm with a salty aroma that could almost be tasted.

Every slow step walking towards you on the beach was not one bit wasted.

For each one led my feet closer to their destination beside you on the sand.

And I swear I could feel your heart beating as we finally stood there hand in hand.

The sound of the seagulls crying as they flew about,

Made me feel freer than free without a single doubt.

The sound of the waves crashing into the shore as I looked into your eyes,

Made me completely forget every single when, where, or why.

For I knew beside the ocean under a sky bluer than blue, 

My life was completely complete, as I heard you whisper, "I do."



A Boy and a Girl, a Gift and a Pearl

In 1990, a few years in the past,
A love story began destined to last.
Despite a distance spanning many miles, 
A love story was in God’s plan all the while.

On March 29th, about 7:30 that day
A baby boy was born down Tupelo way.
A blonde-haired, blue-eyed picture of perfection,
Not a single cell stood in need of correction.

On October 7th of that same year Nine-0
A baby girl was born under a Texas sky all aglow
In this blond-haired, blue-eyed bundle what beauty did show
Her family experienced the joy of watching her grow.

These two babies born with a state in between
Both were the most precious babies ever seen
A special name was given to the boy and the girl
Special names for the most special babes in the world!

The names chosen both began with an “M”
Meghan for her, and Matthew for him.
The name Matthew meaning a gift from God Himself.
The name Meghan meaning a beautiful pearl from the ocean shelf.

Despite the obstacles, the distance, and the time.
This love story began and is flowing like a beautiful rhyme.
Today the gift that God gave joins his life with the beautiful pearl so rare.
Today Matthew and Meghan become one, their lives to forever share.