Robins are known by their sweet, sweet song.

A robin rises early and cheers us all day long.

Even when days seem hopeless and filled with doom,

Robins bring bright sunshine where once was only gloom.


You might say a robin is simply a bird.

They cannot smile or think or speak a single word.

But I am speaking of an angel who bears the name of Robin well.

She has been my ray of sunshine more times than I can tell.


Yes, Robin is an angel to me and many more.

She has been there in times when life seemed so unsure.

At the hospital, her smiling face was there just for me.

Robin is my helpful angel who I am always glad to see.


Whether on the job as a secretary working day by day,

Or just listening to what others have to say,

Robin is a cheerful angel who is making a difference in the world.

Robin is my kind of robin; Robin is my kind of girl.





Good Morning Ms. Anne how are you today?


I have a few things I wanted to drop by and say.


First of all, thank you for all that you have done,


For all of us unborn daughters and sons.


Even though things didn’t go just like we had dreamed,


A big impact was made on those who deceive and scheme,


To take life from those who have yet to jump or run or play-


 To steal the opportunity to see the sunrise and set on any given day.


They rob so many of the chance to smile and laugh and love.


They take away every right that is given from God above.


You see these schemers saw all the news stories and Facebook posts.


They read the testimonies of those who choose to honor life most.


Even though they tried to close their ears and keep a cold, cold heart,


Somewhere deep inside of their soul people like you started a small little spark.


Yes, even though it might not appear so,


Those who do wrong have a conscience into which God’s love does flow.


It may only be a small flame now or just a twinge,


But every life they take from now on will bring to their heart a little cringe.


Yes, the murderers and their supporters can’t help now but think twice.


Because of people like you Ms. Anne who weren’t afraid to stand for what is right.


Thanks from me and all of my little friends up here looking down on what goes on there.


Thanks so much for taking the time to fight and love and care.



Hey Ms Pam

 Hey, Ms. Pam, Jon Carter here.

My mommy, my daddy, my brother, and me

Are so happy you are in our lives you see.

My mommy goes to work to buy me toys and candy.

My daddy goes to work to pay bills and be handy.

Me and my brother get to come to your house and play.

At your house, we spend many a happy day.

You take such good care of me and my brother.

You are a baby sitter like no other.

When I get to your house, it feels like home.

When I get to your house I never feel alone.

I have friends over there who are nice to play with you know.

Jaycee is the one who makes my little face light up and glow.

When Jack and Bo and others drop by.

You say, "Now get along." We really do try.

Some days we get there so early Cayden goes back to sleep with you.

This babysitting other mommy's children is such a nice thing to do.

What I think I like best of all is when I really need a hug so tight.

You pick me up, hold me, and squeeze me with all of your might.

Thanks for being my mommy when she can't be around.

Thanks for being a protector, a teacher, and a good friend I have found.

Thank you for doing what I think you really do best.

Taking such good care of your children God gave you, plus all the rest.