In Memory of  Baby Zeke

April 5th, 2017- September 17. 2017



Sunshine and Rainbows

I’ve got sunshine and rainbows all around.

No gray clouds are stormy skies to bring me down.

I’ve got angels that sing and acrobats that entertain.

So many smiles, so much joy - no pain!

I’ve got marching bands and ballgames for days.

No confusion, no war, just peace always.

I’ve got circuses and ice cream cones.

No enemies, just friends. I am never alone.

I’ve got dandelions, daffodils, and daisies.

No haters, no racists, no terrorist, no crazies.

I’ve got everything here anyone could ask for,

Love, love, love, and love forever more.

Please try not to miss me so very much,

For I truly am dancing on rainbows and such.

I have met papaws, grannies cousins, aunts, and uncles from long ago.

There are so many up here who love me that I didn’t even know.

Try not to worry and please love each other a lot.

Hug real big and be thankful for what you’ve got.

I know one day I will see you all again.

We will dance together in sunshine on rainbows then.







A New Friend


Jesus has a new friend with Him in Heaven today.


She is overjoyed to see Him I would say.


The streets of gold feel cool underneath her feet.


As on her strong legs, she dances and leaps.


Around the throne, she gives praise after praise.


She is grateful she followed after God and His ways.


Whenever she lay down to close her eyes to sleep,


She felt peace for she knew Jesus her soul would surely keep.


The Lord’s Prayer she prayed quite often.


The words lifted her spirit and her heart softened.


Though through many valleys on earth she did travel,


Her faith in God never wavered nor unraveled.


The fear of evil she did not allow to enter in,


For she knew God was her comforter until the end.


Yes, today Mammie is happy, healed and whole,


For with Jesus she entrusted her soul.






Good Night




Now I lay me down to sleep


Hey, Mammie, will you sing that song one more time?




If I should die before I wake


Mammie, I forgot the next line.




I pray the Lord…


Please sing Jolly Ole Saint Nicholas again.




My soul…


Come on Mammie we will go to sleep then.




To take.


Thanks for singing, Now the Lord’s Prayer ok?




Our Father who art in Heaven


Mammie, tell Sandy to be quiet I can’t hear you pray!




Hallowed be thy name


Wes wants to know what’s a hal- o -id?




Thy Kingdom come

Mammie did you see what Debra did?

Thy will be done on earth

Ok, we will be quiet and listen to you talk to God a while

As it is in Heaven


Mammie I love you, you always make me smile.


Good Night


Mammie’s “Favorite”

Who is your favorite tell me true?

I think it is me for all the things I do.

I come over and you get in the car

We travel near and we travel far.

We have to stop to get a bite to eat.

And then on to shopping – what a treat.

Wait, wait, wait; what about me?

I do greater things you see.

When you are sick who sits by your side?

Who watches over you with pride?

I know when you are not feeling at your best.

When you have a fever, where are the rest?

Hey, you two watch it now.

I’m the one with the flower sending wow.

I can make each day a special day.

For she loves it when I bring flowers her way.

Hmm, excuse me girls I really hate to bust your bubble

But I’m the one who she loves double

She loves it when I say, “May I have this dance?’

Favorite, ha, you girls don’t have a chance.

Uhmm, uhmm, Hello, you four Amber here – you know the baby girl?

Your Mammie became my Mammie and to me, she meant the world.

A lot of words of wisdom with me she shared.

She had a way of showing me how much she cared.

I loved to play cards with her again and again.

She loved me even though she never let me win!


If Mammie were here with us, what would she say?

(I think…)


“I love each of you in a special way.

But a favorite, no, I never had one.

I love you all and didn’t we have some fun?

Carolyn, keep on traveling and shopping and living life with zest.

Do what you know is right and don’t worry about the rest.

Debra, watch over those who aren’t feeling just right.

Keep watch over those you love day and night.

Sandy, find someone who needs their day to be a little brighter.

Give of yourself and make their burden a little lighter.

Wes, keep on dancing for in this life you will find

A man who dances is sure to live a long time.

Amber, you truly were a blessing who joined this family tree.

Keep on taking in strangers. Remember you got that from me.”



Weaver of Laughter


Sixty-nine years ago a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Blue.

They watched as their baby boy, Jimmy grew and grew.

This is the story of the man who Jimmy came to be.

This is the story of a life blessed with laughter and glee.

God blessed him with little girls who thought he was the very best dad.

God blessed him and he was thankful for all that he had.

Years passed by and he found the job he stayed with that he loved a lot.

Selling thread was the goal, but laughter weaved in is what his customers got.

More years passed by and 1990 was the year.

When he found a true love that he held dear.

Jimmy and Marie married and two families became one.

Now Jimmy had yet another daughter and even a son.

Amidst all the selling of thread, and his family growing fast.

Jimmy served his country as a military sergeant first class.

Time continually moved on day, by day, by day.

Eight grandchildren came along with which Papaw Blue got to play.

Yes, he had a lot of titles in his lifetime as he continued on.

Jimmy, Daddy, Sergeant, Papaw and sometimes simply Blue is how he was known.

Oh, the stories he had to tell his family and friends.

Oh, the laughter he gave to us that we thought would never end.

Now as the sun began setting on his life here on earth, 

There was yet one more baby who was birthed.

His name is Reid, born only a little over a year ago.

Papaw Blue loved that great grandbaby so.

Who is it that will weave the laughter into this little one as he grows?

It is up to all of us to make sure all of Papaw Blue's funny stories he knows.

Jimmy Blue sewed seeds of laughter wherever he went.

Let us remind each other often of all the smiles he lent.

If he were sitting here with us on this very day.

"Keep on laughing, " is what I believe Jimmy Blue would have to say.