Mammy West named her Christine back in 1917.

Many happy days Christine has seen.

Many more names she has received.

Each name is very special I do believe.


Her husband called her Christamaline when he kissed her on the cheek.

Her first born called Tisteen when he first began to speak.

Later he called her mother, as did his sisters too.
But she was sometime “Momma” if Debbie felt a little blue.


Her first granddaughter came along in 1968.

Christine then became a Grandma who was really great.

Melanie followed Angie and chose Grandma for the name,

To call the lady who loved her always just the same.


In 78 Christopher was the first grandson she saw.

The name he chose for her was simply Mamaw.

Twelve years later came Matthew to put on a show.

Where he got the name Mammy we didn’t really know.


Now that is four children, four grandchildren for a total of eight.

But four more I want to mention before it’s too late.

Tricia, Rhonda, Anthony, and Tasha were added to the mix.

Christine became their grandma too back in 1976.


Also seven great-grandchildren came to be.

Mammy and/or Grandma, they loved to go see.

Lisa Anne, Danielle, Liam, Clay, Hunter, Cayden, and Jon,

Thought all the cats at her house were really fun.


And in the year of 2007 a great great joined the family tree.

What Trinity calls Christine will be up to you and me.

We can tell her of a lady who carried a lot of names.

We can tell her stories of a lady who loved us each the same.


Of all the names there is one I didn’t mention that I love best,

Because she was called this name, she can now be at rest.

You see God renamed Christine and called her His own child.

He’s been up in Heaven calling and waiting on her for quite awhile.


Whatever name you called her will always be special to you.

But there is one thing I am sure she would want each of us to do.

Make sure we are renamed by our Father in Heaven above.

So we may rejoin her one day in an eternal circle of love.




 Yes Virginia

There are two who did about everything together some recall.

They raised eight children and kept on loving each other through it all.

He called her Red,  she called him Hal and they loved each other with their life.

Yes, Virginia was a loving wife.

Six sons, two daughters,with a set of twins in the mix of her children eight.

Friends and neighborhood children joined her children in calling their momma, momma  too.  She was truly great.

If Virginia could be remembered for only one thing is this present  world,

Yes, Virginia was a mother, a mother above mothers, a rare gem, a fine pearl.

Among her children what values did she instill?

Be tough but respectful as you show others what you feel

 Be each others buddy, be each other friend, just be there for each other

Yes, Virginia was a mother.


Children grow and marry and leave home along the way

They acquire spouses who acquire inlaws what do they have to say?

With my mother in law I hit the jackpot!”  one daughter in law proclaimed

Yes, Virgina was mother in law, who shared her love unashamed.


Fourteen grandchildren too many to count or love you might say

But love abounded and there was a little spoiling added along the way.

Did grandchildren get in trouble with Grandma Virginia around?

Nope, moms and dads usually heard this kind of a sound

 It wasn’t like that now, they really didn’t mean to

Yes, Virginia was a grandmother. A grandmother who took grandmothering  up another level or two

Her grandchildren have happy memories of days of work and play

They remember dophins carred to  Grandma from vacation days

They remember her favorite color of purple and foods prepared when they came to call

But most of all they remember Grandma being happy as she thanked God for them all.

Yes, Virgina was a grandma.

Virginia loved working at the school with the kids year after year

She sang in the church choir and brought much cheer

 In these words a little of who Virginia was has been shared

Yes, Virginia loved. Yes, Virginia cared

Yes, Virginia was many things to many people and will be missed by them all.

But there are these and so many more cherished memories of Virgiinia to hold on to recall.



A Dreamer Flying High


A man once had a dream to own a plane and fly it far above the clouds

He dreamed of leaving home, traveling far away from the crowds

To see the beauty of oceans and mountains and the Alaskan sky

To never have a regret, nor think life had passed him by.

This man was a giver to all who God placed in his path

I never heard him speak an unkind word, or exhibit any wrath

He was a worker who used the hands God gave him untiringly

He was a friend who used his skills God gave him unsparingly

If you didn’t know how to fix it, he could tell

He was a brick mason, a mechanic, and a cook as well

Early morning homemade biscuits offered every Saturday

More than the breakfast, the company made your day

When he wasn’t working, reading about WWII was his passion

Sharing good times with friends he never rationed.

Watching western movies over and over with his good friend Jim

Surely he didn’t like John Wayne better than him!

Now there was a special love who shared many dreams with this man

For twenty one years she encouraged him, saying, “Yes you can.”

They met and courted, ate Chinese food, and fell in love

He called her honey;  she knew he was her gift from above.

Side by side Jean and Ed traveled around God’s beautiful world

They saw Alaska, the Virgin Islands, and gave Hawaii a whirl.

Yes, Ed was a dreamer who lived life to the fullest most days

He knew how to work hard and knew how to play

Oh by the way, the dream of owning a plane and flying high

He learned to do that very well and soared in the sky

Now Ed has gone on his final flight leaving all of us behind.

He has gone far above the clouds and I am sure he is going to find

Every dream he every imagined full of God’s beauty of every kind.


Khloe Isabella Tucker

On a cool day in February not so long ago,

Khloe Isaballa Tucker we first came to know.

Amy went to the doctors on that faithful day.

The doctor said,” To the hospital- there’s no time to play!”

Five pounds nine ounces of perfect joy soon came to be.

Relatives and friends came from miles and miles

To see the tiny girl who came to brighten lives.

With eyes of blue, hair of brown, and such a sweet smile.

Dad John said, “Hey I think she looks just like me.”

Mom Amy said, “I don’t know, we will have to wait and see.”

Little sister Shelby was waiting for Khloe to come home and play.

She believed Mom found a little baby doll while she was away.

Khloe laughed and cooed and seldom shed any tears.

Shleby lay on her tummy patting away any fears.

Khloe was a little gift sent to each of us from above.

Yes, God gave each of us Khloe to get to know and love.

Every moment was precious that we held this child.

Memories of those moments we must now hold for awhile.

For our lives now seem empty and we will never be the same.

For on a warm day in May Khloe went back from whence she came.

Our little princess is now being held by the King who will forever reign.

Yes Khloe is in Heaven where she will never know any want or pain

One day we will be able to join Khloe Isabella Tucker there.

One day if our hearts we give to Jesus Christ to share.


Exodus 35:31 He's filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, with ability, and know-how foar making all sorts of things.33 To carve stones and set them; to carve wood, working in every kind of skilled craft.

Solid As Wood

As we planned celebrations for the passing of 2007,

A dear friend passed from Earth to Heaven.

During his sixty eight years which were full of life.

Jake shared much love and joy with his children and his wife.

Born in April 0f 1939,

Jake grew to ba a man strong, loving, and kind.

He took a bride, Linda, and vowed to love her always.

He kept his promise, loving her for all his days.

With three wonderful children they were blessed.

Later came grandchildren and all the rest.

Jake loved playing with the grands and the greats.

He said there were so many; he lost count for goodness sake!

He spent many days fixing scratches, dings, and dents.

He was as close to bondo as a dryer is to lint.

Yes, he could fix a banged up car to look just like new.

When Jake wasn't working he found other things to do.

There was a cycle that he loved to ride.

But he never let his family get too far from his side.

Jake could beat the best at dominos and cards.

Saying good bye is really going to be hard.

All the furniture he built with his own hands from wood,

Represents Jake's character better than anything else could.

You see he was solid, steadfast, dependable, and unshakable.

A man standing strong under heavy loads; seemingly unbreakable.

Today as we gather to celebrate this life that passed with 2007,

May we take comfort in knowing Jake is with Jesus in Heaven.

As we remember each happy memory we shared along the way,

May we each remember to live for Jesus and become reunited one happy day.

Revelation 21:4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away.


 Message from Heaven

Oh how bitter sweet death can be.

As humans we are sometimes too selfish to see.

We have our friends and family for only a short period of time.

We wake one day and realize, between living and dying is a very fine line.

Today I’m sure Ms Ruth is in Heaven looking down at us all.

But I wonder what she would say if she were to call.

Would she tell us Heaven was all she expected and more?

Would she tell us Jesus is constantly knocking upon our door?

I think she would tell us how amazing God’s love really is;

For all He really wants is for all of us to be His.


By Matthew Parker

In loving memory of my friend, Ms Ruth Jolliffe


B’s Keeper


Beverly, called BJ for short, and ‘B’ by those who loved her most,

Had so many blessings in her life of which she could boast.

Decatur Alabama the city where she presided,

Has lost a light whose shining never subsided.

MS attempted to stop her when she was only twenty five,

But “B’ forged on and kept her bubbly spirit very much alive.

Daughter Carmen and son in law Greg gave her grandsons two.

Andy and Geoff lifted her spirits if she should ever feel blue..

Four sisters and a mom who loved her more than life

Stood beside her through times of joy and times of strife

Even the past few years at Roselawn under constant care

BJ‘s kind loving sprit continued to fare

Crackers tucked away under her wheelchair

Saved for birds outside every time she found her way there.

They fluttered about anticipating this special time to share

With a lady of rare beauty, who lived her life with grace and flare.

B even held a special place in the hearts of buzzing bees

On B’s memorial flowers they landed honoring a life of which they were pleased.

Yes, the little birds fluttered and flew about around Roselawn that day

They knew their special friend and feeder had gone away

But you know I think the bees and birds understand perhaps better than we

That B has gone on to a beautiful Heavenly garden that you and I can’t see

I know this is very true

For I know one that BJ knew

She knew our Lord, our Master, our Savior, the keeper of us all

B is with her Keeper who kept her through every trial and every fall

BJ will think of you every time we see a bird flutter or a bee fly

We know we will be with you and our Keeper by and by.


As gentle fall breezes stir high up in the pines,
And an autumn sunset allows its' final rays to shine -
I will remember.
As I trample through golden leaves beneath my feet,
And cold rain drops  turn to icy sleet -
I will remmeber.
As cold Deceember winds through tree tops whistle,
And snow and ice covers every pine cone and thistle - 
I will remember.
Aa tiny greeen blades of grass cover every hill side,
As spring flowers bloom and robins glide -
I will remember.
As the summer sun beats down hot against my brow,
As creatures storing food for winter are scurrying about -
I will remember.
As things in nature die only to once again give rebirth,
Every season every day that I am on God's changing earth -
I will remember.


 A Three Fold Cord

Here is the story of one, two, then three Krosp kids who grew up in East Tupelo town.

A story of highs and lows, ups and downs.

A three fold cord cannot be easily broken I've heard.

But Monday evening the truth of this became blurred.

Yes, early Tuesday morning this trio changed to a duet.

But together these three made memories that two who remain will never forget.

Sissy, Boog, and Kayla fussed a little, but loved a lot.

Boog was one who believed we should live life with everything we've got.

He had a way of making you laugh right our loud till tears rolled down your face.

He had a way of riding a four wheeler with guts and grace.

With his uncles he endlessly hunted rabbits, doves, and deer.

With his cousins he was like a big brother who calmed their fears.

Looking back now everyone wishes just a few more minutes together they had spent.

Sissy and Kayla wish just a little more love they had sent.

But days chasing horses, riding  bikes, and jumping off hay bales  are stuck in their mind.

Memories of a brother who will ever be remembered as energetic, aggravating, yet loving and kind.

Boog, we know you are resting easy in Heaven today.

We know one day we three will be together again to endlessly run and play.