A Life Well Lived


On the bank waiting on a bite by Veteran's Lake…


“How's the fishing Agee?”

“Oh, I'm doing just fine.”

Fishing poles, hot dogs, a red worm or two wiggling on the end of the line.

A  32 ounce Busch (or two)  by his side; a simple life well lived.

To some it seemed he didn't really have a lot to give. 

But his timely advice followed by, "You know what I mean?"

To some meant everything.


His home, his castle, painted in a most unusual way,

Was really quite beautiful if he was the one to have the say.

Flowers EVERYWHERE! Every possible bloom and vine.

Who knows? Their beauty might have been cultivated from some mighty fine wine.


Climbing trees for the perfect spot, deer rifle in hand.

He was truly a man who knew how to live off the land.

Traps and snares filled with critters in all kinds of weather.

Daniel Boone himself could not have done it better.


His cars were his pride and joy

Some often painted like a match box toy.

But hey, being unique is who God created Adrian to be.

How many times did he make you smile? Count and see.


Our lives were all touched in different ways by this man marching to the beat of his own drum.

While we worked, fretted and struggled  to figure it all out, Adrian always managed to have some fun.


Maybe that's what we all should learn from him in this crazy busy race.

Slow down, have fun, show ourselves and everyone else a little more grace.


Adrian's legacy there it is my friend. 

Watch for it on sunny days blowing in the wind.


In memory of my brother-in-law

Adrian Parker

November 19th,1954 - March 25th, 2022